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Programme 4 — Development of Eswatini Digital Access Centres


This programme aims to support the creation of accessible local content with 4 focus areas: (1) supporting digitising and sharing government content; (2) facilitating user generated content (3) broadcasting content that can also be streamed online; and (4) creating accessible local digital access centers within communities. The programme will be undertaken bearing in mind the following “online services” and “enabling technology and services” portions of the digital value chain. In addition, to support platform and application development.


To encourage the development of local digital content to, in turn, increase the usage and uptake of broadband access; increase the availability, accessibility and adoption of services by individual and business end users as well as grow the broadcasting industry and the associated value chain and encourage the delivery of content across digital platforms.


This programme had a target of 8 sites; however, despite numerous efforts this programme was not implemented.