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Public Wi-fi


To increase Internet access to the public, the Fund embarked on a drive to offer subsidized Internet in public areas. During the year 2019/2020 the Fund set up Wi-Fi hot spots in strategic point of entry in the country. In the year 2020/2021 the Fund set up public hotspots in rural health centres which have had a high turnout. The public have access to free 200MB of data and once depleted they have an option to top up through coupons or use other service providers of their choice. In the public Wi-Fi hot spots, Emaswati have access to 500MB free on a daily basis.


To increase access of broadband connectivity to mobile for all Emaswati.


The fund continues to fund the last mile connectivity of the health centres, government centre (RDAs), education centres and network infrastructure.


Region Location Institution / Facility Year
Shiselweni Nhlangano Health Centre 2020/21
Mahamba Border Post 2019/2020
Lubombo Lubombo Referral Hospital 2020/21
Lomahasha Clinic 2020/21
Sikhuphe KMIII Airport 2019/2020
Lavumisa Border Post 2019/2020
Manzini Lobamba Clinic 2020/21
Luyengo Clinic 2020/21
Hhohho Oshoek Border Post 2019/2020
Matsamo Border Post 2019/2020

The following Tinkhundla centres have been enabled with subsidized Wi-Fi

Region Location Institution / Facility Year
Shiselweni Ntondozi Inkhundla 2021/22
Lubombo Mhlume Inkhundla 2021/22
Lomahasha Inkhundla 2021/22
Siphofaneni Inkhundla 2021/22
Dvokodvweni Inkhundla 2021/22
Hlane Inkhundla 2021/22
Nkilongo Inkhundla 2021/22
Lugongolweni Inkhundla 2021/22
Manzini Ludzeludze Inkhundla 2021/22
Manzini North Inkhundla 2021/22
Manzini South Inkhundla 2021/22
Kwaluseni Inkhundla 2021/22
Mahlanya Inkhundla 2021/22
Hhohho Piggs Peak Inkhundla 2021/22
Mbabane Inkhundla 2021/22
Lobamba Inkhundla 2021/22
Mhlambanyatsi Inkhundla 2021/22
Timphisini Inkhundla 2021/22
Maphalaleni Inkhundla 2021/22