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Programme 3 — Network Infrastructure Enhancement


This programme aims to enhance and augment existing network infrastructure on a technology-neutral basis. The ultimate objective of this programme is to increase access and service and improve network reliability and redundancy.


To strengthen the network backbone infrastructure, fixed and mobile based on a neutral approach, to increase network reliability and redundancy.


The network infrastructure enhancement project has positively impacted thousands of Emaswati especially those in rural areas by giving them access to mobile broadband with 4G/3G capabilities. The programme has planned to establish 30 GSM sites and connect 90 facilities.


Region Location Institution / Facility Year
Hhohho Nyakatfo Site 2020
Shiselweni Nsalitje Border post 2020
Godloza Site 2020
Lucolweni Site 2020
Mpakeni Site 2020
Sicunusa Border post 2020
Mahlahlane Site 2020
Manzini Moti Site 2020
Sigcineni Site 2020
Vulamehlo Site 2020


The programme has established 13 3G/4G sites, just under 50% of the targeted GSM sites.

For we will modernize its network and upgrade 15 of its existing 2G/3G sites to 4G/LTE. The sites are as follows:

Region Location Institution / Facility Year
Hhohho Nyakatfo Site 2021/22
Lubombo Sitsatsaweni Site 2021/22
Tikhuba Site 2021/22
Mhlumeni Site 2021/22
Ekhwezi Site 2021/22
Lubulini; Site 2021/22
Tsambokhulu Site 2021/22
Shiselweni Olos Site 2021/22
eLulakeni Site 2021/22
Ntjanini Site 2021/22
Manzini Zombodze emuva/Mthombe Site 2021/22
kaMbhoke Site 2021/22
Dilini Site 2021/22
Kulamzinyane; Site 2021/22
Mgamudi; Site 2021/22
Kandangu Site 2021/22