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UASF Mandate, Vision, Mission & Values


The Eswatini Communications Commission (“Commission” or “ESCCOM”) is entrusted with the mandate of ensuring the development of the communications sector in the Kingdom of Eswatini. The Commission established the Universal Access and Service Fund (“UAS” or “UASF” or “Fund”) in terms of Section 29 of the Electronic Communications Act, 2013, in order to support the delivery of this mandate.

The Universal Access and Service Fund seeks to ensure that all Emaswati have access to quality Internet, broadcasting, and postal services at affordable prices throughout the country. While creating an environment where operators compete on price and quality in order to close access gaps, the Fund facilitates development and expansion of communications services. The goal is to provide access to the widest number of users, especially underserved and unserved communities with people living with disabilities.

The Universal Service Obligation Operational Manual gives guidance and operational principles on how the Fund is funded and administered. It defines the key principles and definitions of Universal Access Service; the key principles and obligations of the Fund; Universal Access Service objectives; Source of funding; Governance and administration of the USOF; Development of USOF programmes, project prioritisation and selection criteria; Tendering and selection of service providers; Subsidy disbursement procedures; and Monitoring and evaluation.


To administer the Universal Access and Service Fund and facilitate the design and implementation of sustainable projects that deliver high quality and universally accessible, affordable digital and ICT services.


To increase access to broadband, broadcasting and postal services, therefore, enhancing the socio-economic positioning of the citizens of Eswatini.


  • Accountability
  • Innovation
  • Integrity
  • Collaboration
  • Transparency