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In the Ministry of Health, the Fund assists health facilities with connectivity of the Health Management Information Systems (HMSI) to the central database. This system helps Government to improve healthcare and treatment services for people in need at community level. The system further advances adherence among clients receiving treatment through the community-based differentiated care model as well as improve retention of clients in care and treatment services through SMS notification for treatment refill visits.


The objective is to assist the Ministry of Health in its drive to digitalise the health sector with the aim of improved record keeping, simultaneous effective monitoring of diseases outbreaks, improved communication and information tools between health centres.


Data from the Ministry of Health – HMIS shows that the country has 341 health facilities both in the public and private sector, of which 105 (30.1%) do not have a WAN connection, and 242 have a connected LAN status. To date, 55 of these facilities were connected through the support of USOF on EPTC/microwave connection, while others were funded by the health facility, government, USAID or Global Fund.


Region Location Institution / Facility Year
Hhohho Vusweni Clinic 2019/20
Ngonini Clinic 2019/20
Bulandzeni Clinic 2019/20
Mangweni Clinic 2019/20
Motjane Clinic 2019/20
Manzini Simple Aid Medical Centre 2020/21
Mgazini Nazarene Clinic 2020/21
Manzini TB Centre 2020/21
King Sobhuza  II Clinic 2019/20
Lubombo Lubombo Referral Hospital 2019/20
Herefords Clinic 2019/20
Lomahasha Clinic 2019/20
Tikhuba Clinic 2019/20
Hlane Clinic 2019/20
Vuvulane Clinic 2019/20
Tambankulu Clinic 2019/20
Big Bend HMCS Clinic 2019/20
Siteki Nazarene Clinic 2019/20
Sithobela Rural Health Centre 2020/21
Nkonjwa Clinic 2020/21
Sinceni Clinic 2020/21
Shiselweni KaMfishane Clinic 2019/20
Nhlangano SOS Clinic 2019/20
Nhlangano HMCS Clinic 2019/20
Nhlangano Health Centre 2019/20
Mbangweni Barracks Clinic 2019/20
New Heaven Clinic 2019/20
Our Lady Of Sorrows Clinic 2020/21
JCI (Mphelandzaba) Clinic 2020/21
Silele Red Cross Clinic 2020/21
Matsanjeni Public Health Unit 2020/21
Mhlosheni Clinic 2020/21
Matsanjeni Shesire  Home 2020/21
Nsalitje Clinic 2020/21
Matsanjeni Health Centre 2020/21
Gucuka Clinic 2020/21
KaMfishane(KaNdlovu) Clinic 2020/21
Cabrini Ministries Health Centre 2020/21
Nhlangunjani Clinic 2020/21
Maloma Colley Clinic 2020/21
Ntshanini Clinic 2020/21
Zombodze Clinic 2020/21
MSF Community Fixed Site 2020/21
Mashobeni Clinic 2020/21
Mahandle Clinic 2020/21
Tfokotani Clinic 2020/21
FTM Clinic 2020/21
Tsambokhulu Clinic 2020/21
Mambane Clinic 2020/21

Below is a list of Government sites supported with the last mile connectivity:

Region Location Institution / Facility Year
Hhohho Mbangweni Barrack 2021/22
Lundzi Barrack 2021/22
Ngwenya Barrack 2021/22
BMD Piggs Peak Barrack 2021/22
Revenue Piggs Peak Government 2021/22
Library Piggs Peak Library 2021/22
Ngwenya Port   Clinic 2021/22
Immigration Piggs Peak Government 2021/22
Parliament Government 2021/22
EBC Government 2021/22
Lubombo Mbuluzi Barrack 2021/22
Siteki   Barrack 2021/22
Mbutfu Barrack 2021/22
Mananga Barrack 2021/22
Simpa   2021/22
Manzini Matsapha Correctional Staff Government 2021/22
Shiselweni Mkhitsini Clinic Clinic 2021/22
Mhlosheni Clinic Barrack 2021/22
Nsalitje Barrack 2021/22
Lavumisa Barrack 2021/22