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Published on : 8 Jul, 2022

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Buying a fake phone can be a total waste of your money. Imagine thinking you are buying a Samsung S21 anticipating all those specs you read online only to find that the screen is not as responsive or the phone space is half the size, the phone processor is slower than a snail and the camera is worse than a VGA camera. Most people buy/sell second-hand or refurbished gadgets to take advantage of the price difference even though this may prove to be risky as this may

One of the mandates for ESCCOM is to type approve communications equipment. This process authorizes the importation and usage of communication devices and involves verification of the equipment, device or system’s compliance with technical, safety, and other regulatory requirements. Type approval further ensures that consumers and network operators are protected from poor-quality terminal equipment which does not meet public telecommunications network interface requirements.

In fulfillment of its consumer protection responsibilities, ESCCOM has established a user-self-check site to be used by consumers of cellular devices to verify the authenticity and stolen status of their devices.

Device check service

The device check service of cellular mobile devices is a public look-up service used to verify the authenticity of mobile cellular equipment.

Every genuine mobile phone has a unique serial number that is used to register it to a carrier network. This number is called the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number. Often counterfeit models don’t have an IMEI number or use a fake one.

By simply inserting the IMEI number, the service provides information on manufacturer details, date of manufacture of equipment, and other technical details such as blacklist status, grey list status, frequency of operation, brand name, marketing name, device type, and technologies used under the device.

Accessing the Service

Dial *#06# to retrieve the phone’s IMEI number

Visit and enter the IMEI number, Click Check Device.