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The Eswatini Communications Commission is authorized by the Swaziland Communications Commission Act (No.10 of 2013) to regulate the postalservices sector in Eswatini.


Postal services are part and parcel of communications services in Eswatini just like else where in the world. They are therefore included in the Commission'smandate to license, monitor, inspect, regulate and ensure generalimprovement and equitable distribution of communications services in thecountry.

Size, Composition, and Coverage

The Swazi postal sub-sector comprises one Major Operator - EPTC, with 33 major outlets and 69 agencies. The commission is currently engaged on the development of a licensing framework which will have all the couriercompanies registered and licensed.

ESCCOM Postal Responsibilities

The Commission’s function in relation to postal services will be as follows:

  1. Ensure that postal and courier operators provide sufficient, reliable andefficientservices throughout the country.
  2. Ensure that the public post licensee is able to provide postal services atratesconsistent with efficient and continuous service and financing viability.
  3. Promote development of postal systems and services in accordancewith recognized international standards, practices and public demand.
  4. Processing of licence applications for postal and courier servicesoperators.
  5. Manage postal codes and the national address system;
  6. Promote competition among postal and courier service providers;
  7. Monitor compliance with performance standards and codes of conductin respect of postal and courier services.
  8. Act as arbitrator in conflicts involving operators or between operatorsand customers within the sector.
  9. Undertake regular inspections of the performance of all licensedoperators;
  10. Weed-out illegal operators from the sector.